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Dear Panama City POPS Patron:

First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your family healthy and safe.

At this time it is unknown whether we will be able to reschedule the concert. It is currently impossible to predict when day-to-day social contact will return to normal. We are committed to providing flexibility to our box office patrons and we appreciate your patience as we address each and every case.  Please consider donating the value of your tickets for the cancelled concert back to the Orchestra.  Such a gift will help The POPS continue to fulfill its mission of presenting excellent live symphonic music which engages and educates audiences of all ages.

Please know that during this unscheduled intermission we will be at work preparing a superb 2020-2021 program. David has tentatively entitled the season “Playing the Fifth,” with plans to perform a classical composer’s fifth symphony at each of the regular season concerts plus, of course, the light classical and popular pieces that make up a traditional POPS concert. Stay tuned to this website for more info coming soon.

Music is one of the few constants in the world, the universal language that speaks to every culture and every time in history. At the March 14 concert David also reminded the audience of the real physical benefits of listening to classical music:

  • In just fifteen minutes of listening to classical music, our bodies produce antibodies and immune responses that help us fight viruses and bacteria.
  • In thirty minutes, stress levels are reduced in amounts equivalent to taking anti-anxiety medication.
  • In forty-five minutes, our bodies reduce production of cortisol, which decreases stress levels in the body.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and encouragement, and we will get through this together. We thank you for your patience over the coming weeks as prevailing conditions steer our decisions. Please be on the lookout for our future announcements that will give us all something to look forward to.

Until then, reduce stress. Turn up the music!